Desirable Greystone Melbourne Pool Home for Rent

4 bedroom, 2 bath pool home situated on quiet Cul de sac in desirable Greystone.

Desirable Greystone Melbourne Pool Home for Rent

2216 square feet of living on a private lot.

Desirable Greystone Pool Home for Rent

$1900 rent includes pool and lawn care.

Available for rent August 8, 2015.

Minutes to all grade level schools.

Drive minutes to Indian River, beaches, Patrick Air Force Base.

Great Lake Washington area location.


Spoiled Living Here on Florida’s Space Coast

Spoiled Living Here on Florida's Space CoastThis morning I had breakfast with a friend and we were talking about the importance of having balance in our lives. That’s something I’m not very good at. When I’m not working, we are working on one of our rental houses or we have a project going on at home. That’s just something we’ve always done.  My friend reminded me that when we work hard, it’s important to have some down time, too.  So, I was thinking of the options of things we have available to do in our area.

Brevard County Florida is home to the St. Johns River, the Indian River Lagoon and Banana Rivers and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.  We are an hour away from Orlando, with all it’s theme parks: Walt Disney World Park & Resorts, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Epcot Center, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Wet n’ Wild and Orlando’s famous International Drive. I have to say that Epcot is my favorite on that list.

We can stand in our driveway and experience the breathtaking Cape Canaveral rocket launches. There is nothing like the feeling of the ground rumbling as we watch the rocket lift off.

Cruise ships set sail right here out of Cape Canaveral. Taking a cruise is one of my favorite vacations. We go every summer.  If I could go to Cozumel every trip, I  would.  But, then my family would disown me. They’re tired of Cozumel.

The Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts is 5 minutes from home. We see incredible shows that come to us from around the world. We’ve seen Daryl Hall and John Oates, Peter Frampton, Dennis DeYoung of Styx, Riverdance and The Nutcracker. We’re going to see Whitesnake and Swing in August.

People come from all over just to visit  World Famous Ron Jon’s Surf Shop  here in Cocoa Beach. The Cocoa Beach Pier hosts World Famous Surfing Contests with champion surfers.

We’ve got other great attractions, like the War Bird Museum, Museum or Arts and Sciences and the Brevard MuseumJungle Adventures, Airboat Rides, the Ace of Hearts Ranch, Forever Florida and the Brevard Zoo. Or, play video games and ride race cars at Andretti Thrill Park.

If your prefer to be outside we’ve got swimming, fishing, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, boating, water skiing, shrimping, deep sea diving, golfing, bicycling, tennis, racquetball, camping, hiking, or just basking on the beautiful world famous beaches! Or, you can spend a day strolling downtown antiquing.

As I look through this list, I am reminded of why Florida’s Space Coast has been my home for the past 40 years.  And, I will probably be here for another 40!

We Often Take for Granted How Truly Blessed We Are


We Often take for Granted how blessed we truly are

This morning my husband and daughter, Sam came back from their workout at the gym.  They go 3 mornings a week and are usually home by at 6:45AM.  They both love it.  The gym is located in a large warehouse, a strip of storage units. 

Sam told me that as they were turning the corner, pulling up to the gym, the headlights in the dark caught the shadow of a person.  As they got closer, they could see a middle aged woman in only her bra and her underwear. She had soap in one hand and a garden house in the other.  She was taking a shower in the parking lot of the storage facility. They quickly turned away, to allow her some privacy.

As they entered the gym they couldn’t stop thinking about the scraggly woman washing in the dark, cold garden hose.  Sam mentioned it to someone working out with her.  One of the members indicated that the woman lives in one of the units.  She washes in the hose a couple of days a week and stays there full time.

As they left, Sam turned to look. The woman’s unit door was half open.  She had a bed, a chair and some miscellaneous items neatly placed inside of the tiny shed, not much bigger than the size of a bathroom. There is no air conditioning and no windows.

Sam came home in disbelief. “Mom, it’s so sad to see someone like that.”  She was really upset.

I think that often in our lives, we don’t stop to realize how truly blessed that we are. So today, when you have a moment, stop and notice the beauty of a flower. And, be thankful for the wonderful life that you have.

Sandy Shores REALTOR®, Melbourne/Palm Bay FL Real Estate

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I also buy, sell, rent, own and manage Investment Property.

Perception is in the Eye of the Beholder


There are variations of this traveling across the internet,

and each time I see it, it tickles me!

Your House as Seen by:

Yourself …
Your property as seen by
Your  Buyer  
perception is in the eye of the beholder
Your  Lender
perception is in the eye of the beholder

Your  Appraiser
perception is in the eye of the beholder
Your County’s Tax Assessor
perception is in the eye of the beholder
Don’t you just love the dynamics of the real estate market?
It depends on who you’re talking to,
the buyer, seller, lender, appraiser, tax assessor’s office,
as to how they view your property. 


This article is authored by

Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL Realtor

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Homes Purchased by Florida Homebuyers in 2008


According to the Florida Association of Realtors in 2008:


Home Purchases in Florida in 2008

Single family homes accounted for 70% of purchases.

New home purchases accounted for 25% of  purchases.

The median price of homes purchased was $207,000.

The median square footage was 1760 square feet of living.

Buyers purchased a home within 15 miles on average of their previous home.

79% of buyers said commuter costs were a factor in their home purchase.

Buyers indicated they will live in their home for an average of 10 years.


This article is authored by

Sandy Shores, Brevard County Real Estate

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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Hopefully, the near tragic event of Flight 1549  will change all of our lives and perceptions. And, remind us that life is precious.  We must embrace all that it has to offer.

The crew of flight 1549 miraculously brought the plane down safely into the icy Hudson River, with no fatalites and no life threatening injuries. Our hearts and prayers go out to the woman whose legs were broken.

US Airways Flight 1549 an A320 Airbus took off out of LaGuardia Airport and headed towards Charlotte NC. A minute after takeoff the Captain reported, “a double bird strike.” The airliner flew into a flock of birds.  The plane headed down.

Was it fate that Captain Sullenberger was the pilot of THAT plane on THAT day? News reports indicated that highly experienced, US Airways 29 year Veteran, Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III manuevered that disabled plane over land, around skyscrapers, around marine vessels in 20 degree weather. And, safely landed into the icy waters of the Hudson River. 

All the passengers survived! It was nothing short of a miracle!

The pilot eased the tail down first. Had he miscalculated and brought the nose down first, reports indicate that the plane would likely have been ripped into pieces. Passengers were out of the plane inside of 20 minutes.

Would the outcome have been different had Captain “Sully” not been the navigator of this airliner? 

Do You Believe In Miracles

Is this a sign to all of us?

A bright sign of hope, a sign of faith, a sign of fate?

After the turbulent times our country has been facing over the last couple of years, 2009 provides us with a fresh start, a new outlook, a new government. Could it be a sign of positive things to come?  For every one of us?

Is this a reminder that miracles do happen?   

Is there something bigger at work here, than all of us?

Will the passengers on board flight 1549 treasure their lives more now, than before the day of this near tragic event?  Will they hug their husbands, wives and babies tighter than before? 

  We must embrace all that our lives have to offer, because our time here is so short and precious.



This article is authored by Sandy Shores, Brevard County Real Estate

Melbourne Florida Real Estate News

A Child is Always Watching

    There is always someone watching the choices you make

    In this busy world, we must reminded of the influence that we have on our children on a daily basis.  They are like sponges. They watch everything we do, as their parents.

    I have this poem in a frame above my desk so I am reminded of the important role that we play in our children’s lives.

    A Child Learns What he Lives

    If a child lives with criticism
    He learns to condemn.

    If a child lives with hostility
    He learns to fight.

    If a child lives with ridicule
    He learns to be shy.

    If a child lives with jealousy
    He learns to feel guilty.

    But if a child lives with tolerance
    He learns to be patient.

    If a child lives with encouragement
    He learns self-confidence.

    If a child lives with praise
    He learns to appreciate.

    If a child lives with fairness
    He learns justice.

    If a child lives with approval
    He learns to like himself.

    If a child lives with security
    He learns to have faith.

    If a child lives with acceptance and friendship
    He learns to find love in the world.

    -Dorothy Law Nolte