Don’t Look Now, Snake in the Garage

Don't Look Now, Snake in the GarageI was headed out to an appointment and found this guy in the garage 2 feet from my van.  At first I nearly jumped out of my skin. It surprised me. I think I scared the snake, too. Then, I grabbed a broom and gently guided him outside. He slithered into the bushes and disappeared.

Occasionally, we see a snake, here.  Usually they are outside in the bushes or hanging out in the garden.  They like basking in the sun.

There are approximately 46 snakes native to Florida and most of them are not aggressive.  The best advice when you see a snake is to leave it alone. They don’t typically attack unless provoked.

I have a friend that can identify snakes. When he sees one he usually scoops it up and relocates it to a safer place. Isn’t there a rhyme, “when red touches black a friend of jack, when red touches yellow kills a fellow?”

Snakes eat rodents, insects and slugs.


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