All Aboard, Living Near the Railroad Tracks

Living Near the Railroad Tracks
Living Near the Railroad Tracks

This morning I met with a buyer to show her a charming home situated in a neighborhood within a block of the railroad tracks.  The house was impeccably maintained. After touring the inside and the outside of the home we went to look at the rest of the neighborhood.  We wanted to see how close the railroad tracks were to the house she was interested in.

The railroad tracks run through various housing areas in the City of Melbourne.

When considering a home purchase there are questions to consider.

Where are the railroad tracks compared to the neighborhood you are thinking of buying in? How close are they to the house you are interested in?  Is there a buffer between the houses in the neighbor and the tracks?

You may want to find out the train schedule. How many trains run day and night? If possible try and visit the neighborhood when the train is running. I know this can be difficult today with our low inventory of homes for sale and multiple offers, as time is of the essence. How loud is the train at the house you are thinking of buying? Do the guidelines allow the trains to blow their whistle at the crossing?  How close is the house to the railroad crossing?

Are you comfortable being close to the railroad tracks?

I grew up in a house in Melbourne, 2 blocks from the railroad tracks. Forty years later the house is still in the family. After so many years, we don’t really notice the train. On the other hand, my first home, away from home, was a mobile home that was a stones throw away from the railroad crossing. It was too close to the tracks and it was a trailer with little insulation. I never slept through the night while I lived there. First Home Away From Home, Read the story here.

Do some research on a home you may be considering. Is the proximity to the railroad affecting the value of the homes in the neighborhood, compared to values of houses in similar areas, away from the tracks?

And, Happy House Hunting!


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