Hurricane Season is Here

Hurricane Season is Here
Hurricane Season is Here

It’s that time of year again… Hurricane Season. It’s not something we talk much about, unless there’s one heading our way and we’re being warned to hunker down.

When we look at listings of properties for sale, we don’t see the word ‘hurricane’ shutters. We call them storm shutters. Here in Florida, that seems strange, to me.  I guess it’s so we remember they can be used in wind, or rain or sleet or hail, too.

Well, the good news is that we’ve been fortunate that we haven’t had a major hurricane in our area since 2004. But,  it always wise to be prepared.

Did you know that Florida offers a FREE emergency family or business plan in the event of a hurricane? It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the paperwork. The plan will outline the following information:

>Your family meeting location and out of town contact information

>List of evacuation routes

>A plan for family members with or without a disability

>A kid and pet items supply checklist

>A supply checklist for food, water, ice and first aid kit items

>Your local emergency contact information

>Checklist of things to do before and after a disaster

Now is a great time to review your insurance policy and to take photos or videos of all of the belongings in and around your home. Stash them in a safe place, away from home.

In the event of an upcoming hurricane, you may find the Family and Business plan useful. Being prepared can safe a lot of headaches.


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