Tell Me if You Don’t Like it

tell Me if you Don't Like it

Recently, I have been out showing houses to out of town buyers.

It was our first day looking at houses. The first day gives the buyer and I an opportunity to get to know each other better. We find out more about each other. As we look at more houses, and they tell me their likes and dislikes, I am able to get a better "feel" of what they are really looking for in a property.

We looked at one house, and I asked what they thought of the house. "Well, it’s pretty," she responded. Pretty ugly I thought, by the tone of her voice and the look on her face. ‘Is this something that you are looking for?’ I asked. ‘Well, I guess so.’ I could see that we probably weren’t going to get anywhere like this. This buyer was just too nice.

It was time to throw my two cents in. ‘It’s okay if you don’t like a house,’ I began. ‘Please tell me. It’s not my house, I don’t live here, so you won’t hurt my feelings. The more honest you are about your likes and dislikes in the houses we look at, the easier it will be to narrow your search down to properties that have the amenities that you are looking for. I don’t care which house you buy. I just want to be able to help you find a house that is going to suit your wants, as well as your needs. So, I am asking that you don’t sugarcoat it when we talk about the houses that we look at. Play it straight with me. It will make it much easier for both of us.’ I carefully explained.

"Okay," my buyer blurted out, "I don’t like this one at all." And, she proceeded to tell me exactly what she didn’t like about the property.

Now that’s more like it, now we’re getting somewhere.

I knew it was going to be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. The rest of that day and the next were so productive. Their specific comments helped to rule out houses that wouldn’t suit their want or their needs.

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