What Makes a House a Home?

What Makes a House a Home?

What Makes A House a Home

When you buy a property, you are buying a house, a building made from bricks or blocks, wood and nails.  It is the people that move into the house that make it a home; their home.

We grow together and raise a family in our home. Often times we get married and have our first child in our home. We watch that baby take her first steps and say her first words in that home.   We share the joy of our accomplishments, and in turn we comfort each other in sadness and sorrow. That home becomes so much more than just a building with four walls. It holds those precious moments for us; the good times, as well as the bad.  We learn to grow. It somehow becomes a part of who we are.

Every home has a different smell, a different “feel” to it. Some are warm and homey, while others may seem cold and uninviting to an outsider. But, it’s the place that we come back to (even if just in our memory).  We sit down and rest our head at the end of a long day, and feel safe. For so many, our pet greets us at the door. It’s a place where we can be ourselves. It’s a place where we can share our lives with those that know us the best and love us the most.

So, often we see people that have become emotionally attached to their homes, because of all of the memories it holds. 

Today, I can still remember the warmth and love I felt when we went to my Grandma’s home. The holidays were my favorite.  I could smell the big juicy turkey cooking in the oven, and the apple pies cooling on the stove. We would run across the street and play in the sand and stick our toes in the icy cold water of the welcoming ocean.

Grandma Mae would squeeze me as tight as she could (sometimes I thought I was going to break) and she would pinch my cheek till it turned a rosy red.  She would always tell me to never ever forget how special I was.  And, most times she would press a couple of dollars into the palm of my hand.

Today, the house is gone, replaced by a bustling 5 star high rise hotel and parking lot, overlooking the tourist filled beach with the sparkling waves of the ocean, lapping at the shore. It saddens me to think that the house is now gone. But, times will always change and life moves forward. 

But, I will never forget the love and the warmth I felt everytime I visited Grandma’s home.

It’s the love and the people in it that make a house a home.

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