Balance in the Life of a Realtor®

Sam Shores, 17 time Powerlifting World Record Holder

There is something unique about the life of a Realtor®. 

Often times it is difficult to find a happy balance between our work lives and our home lives.

We can’t control the flow of customers coming in at any given time or the number of phone calls coming in during a specific month.  Some months we have more business than we can possibly handle, and others it’s a bit more laid back and quiet.

When we are busy, there are no regular hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

There are no 40 hour work weeks.

There are no one hour lunch breaks.  Or 15 minute coffee breaks.

Often our appointments are after hours and on weekends, away from our families. 

We work around others people’s schedules.

When we’re busy, often we work 14 to 15 hour days, and sometimes more.

We can go for days without time off.

So, when we are swamped, we have to balance the workload.

Balance, strength, endurance, stamina and determination are essential qualities in the life a successful Realtor®.

There is something unique about the life of a Realtor®, it’s the life I’ve chosen, and the life I love!


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