A Realtor’s Job is to Make The Homebuying Process Easier

There's Nothing Better Than Helping a Buyer Find the "Right" House

Pat (not her real name) contacted me at the beginning of the week.  She was fed up with her real estate agent.  She found me through an internet search of Melbourne Fl Real Estate.  During our first conversation I immediately sensed the frustration in her voice.  She and her husband were preapproved for a home up to $200,000 and are transferring to the Brevard County area.    They had been working with 2 different real estate agents (at 2 different times) and she said both situations turned out quite poorly. 

She said the first agent they worked with told them every house they entered was “beautiful”  and that “it was perfect for them”.  Pat got sick of hearing it.  The agent must have thought she was stupid.

The second agent did not listen to her.  He showed them houses that he wanted them to see, not houses they wanted to see.  He rushed them through properties as if he had somewhere else he needed to be.  He tried to push them into buying a house they didn’t want, one that didn’t suit their needs.  And, he told them which lender they “needed” to use, without giving them other options.  When they found the house they wanted, he said he didn’t have time to write an offer, he would get back to them later.  WHAT?

So, by the time Pat got to me, needless to say, she was cautious and very skeptical.

She and I talked and emailed throughout the week to set the plans in motion to find a house.

We headed out today, and had a lot of Brevard County Real Estate to cover. It was a full and productive day.  Pat and her husband found a home they feel will suit their wants, needs and their pocketbook.

It was a pleasure helping Pat and her husband in their search for the “right” house.  They drove several hours to get to Brevard County and we made sure to cover the areas and the houses they came to see.  I addressed their concerns and I believe I answered all their questions (for today, anyway). We talked about the many aspects of the real estate transaction:  the GFE, the Good Faith Estimate, FHA and bond money’s requirements for a house, different types of inspections  (including  termite, home, wind mitigation and 4 point inspection), the appraisal and comparable sales, surveys, the loan process, foreclosures, the short sale process, you name it.

The more well educated our buyers are, the more we know that we, as Real Estate professionals, are doing our jobs in helping make the home buying process just a little bit less stressful for them.  It also helps buyers to better choose the “right” house for them.

At the end of a very long day, with three incredibly well behaved children in tow, Pat thanked me for taking the day to “explain everything.” 

Days like today are such a pleasant reminder of why I feel so fortunate to be a Real Estate Professional. 

I love helping families  in finding the house  they will be able to fill with years of happy memories.

Now, I will help them through the maze of paperwork and the steps necessary to get them to closing.

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