Do You Have Unwanted Guests Living in Your Home?

Do you have unwanted guests in your home?

We often say that, “In Florida, it’s not if you have termites, it’s when you get termites.” 

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year.

The soil here in Florida is conducive to termites. 

There are three types of termites, subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites.  Subs and drywood termites can cause the most damage and are typically found here in Florida.

The best way to find out of if your home has termites is to call a certified, licensed pest control company.  They will be able to tell you for sure if you have them.

Look for these things,

Termite tubes – These thin mud tubes can often be found coming up from the ground at the base of your home.  The termites tunnel their way through the tubes and congregate in a moist, damp environment somewhere in or around your home. Subs need moisture and can be found anywhere there is a source of moisture.  We see them along the base of homes, in windowsills and frames, in shower stalls behind tile, and under kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Swarmers – these are typically the drywood termites. In the springtime often you’ll find small winged termite bodies laying on the floor or around windowsills.  They are looking for a place to build a colony.

Wood-Some old rotted wood, laying around your home, may be full of termites.  You can see the hollowing out of the wood. 

Dirt around baseboards or windowsills – often you can find termite “dirt”.  They usually carry bits of dirt with them.   

Check your mulch – Mulch is conducive to termites. Pull your mulch back away from your home.

For more information on termites check here.

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