We Often Take for Granted How Truly Blessed We Are


We Often take for Granted how blessed we truly are

This morning my husband and daughter, Sam came back from their workout at the gym.  They go 3 mornings a week and are usually home by at 6:45AM.  They both love it.  The gym is located in a large warehouse, a strip of storage units. 

Sam told me that as they were turning the corner, pulling up to the gym, the headlights in the dark caught the shadow of a person.  As they got closer, they could see a middle aged woman in only her bra and her underwear. She had soap in one hand and a garden house in the other.  She was taking a shower in the parking lot of the storage facility. They quickly turned away, to allow her some privacy.

As they entered the gym they couldn’t stop thinking about the scraggly woman washing in the dark, cold garden hose.  Sam mentioned it to someone working out with her.  One of the members indicated that the woman lives in one of the units.  She washes in the hose a couple of days a week and stays there full time.

As they left, Sam turned to look. The woman’s unit door was half open.  She had a bed, a chair and some miscellaneous items neatly placed inside of the tiny shed, not much bigger than the size of a bathroom. There is no air conditioning and no windows.

Sam came home in disbelief. “Mom, it’s so sad to see someone like that.”  She was really upset.

I think that often in our lives, we don’t stop to realize how truly blessed that we are. So today, when you have a moment, stop and notice the beauty of a flower. And, be thankful for the wonderful life that you have.

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