Should Sellers Leave Their Home During Showings?

Should Sellers Leave their Homes During ShowingsYesterday, a boisterous, opinionated seller drove my buyers and I out of his house.

This isn’t the first time that I have experienced this type of situation.

Should listing agents ask their sellers to leave when buyers come to look at their home?

A buyer must feel ‘comfortable’ when they walk into a home.

They must be able to look at the amenities of the home at their leisure.

They must be able to envision themselves living in the home. They must have time to get a ‘feel’ for the home.

Often times listing agents have sellers remove excessive family photos, so that a buyer can ‘see’ themselves living in a home.

Upon walking through the front door of a home yesterday, the seller gave us a speech and proceeded on with a story of a previous occupant who had lived in the home.  As this story became long and more drawn out and not relevant to the property, we starting inching our way to the back door. Finally, we graciously interrupted him, excused ourselves and made a beeline for the backyard, without looking at the house first. 

The seller followed us into the yard.

“What is up with this guy?” the buyer whispered.  Upon returning inside, the seller followed us from room to room, smoking a cigarette. The home reeked of cigarette and sickeningly sweet cigar smoke. It was a bit nauseating.

The seller did not stop talking. He was loud, boisterous and a bit rude. It was an uncomfortable situation for the buyers. 

After seeing only a portion of the home the buyers indicated that they were finished.

“Thank you,” I said.

‘You’re not finished, you didn’t see the whole house.’

“We’re finished, ” I responded. 

He took one look at the buyers face, ‘Well, I can see that she’s more than ready to get out of here!’

My buyers ruled out this house because they really felt uncomfortable with this controlling seller, therefore they did not have an opportunity to see the entire property. (Not to mention the wife is allergic to cigarettes.) 

So, sellers, please leave your home during showings. Or, if you are unable or uncomfortable in doing so, then step out into the backyard to allow the buyer some room to breathe and to get a true “feel” for the property. Otherwise, they will not be able to see the home in it’s best light.

Often times sellers that stay and hover are not doing the home justice.


Sandy Shores REALTOR®,  Melbourne/Palm Bay FL Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

I also buy, sell, rent, own and manage Investment Property.


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