Enjoying Brevard County Beaches

We recently spent a day at the beach. And the day proved to be a beautiful one.  Melbourne’s temperatures reached 96 degrees, with humidity figured in, it was a sweltering 109 degrees. There was about 50% humidity.

We had the perfect solution, as did a few other people.  We headed for Spessard Holland in South Melbourne beach.

Brevard County Beaches

It was quite warm, but the ocean water was cool and refreshing.


Brevard County Beaches

         We spent a good bit of time out in the water, as my daughters are learning to surf.                  

 Brevard County Beaches

We also did some fishing, but unfortunately caught nothing.

Brevard County Beaches

It was one of those days where you had to be really careful not to get fried from the sun, as there was a bit of a haze in the sky.

This is when people inadvertently get too much sun, without realizing it.

Brevard County Beaches

When we get these hot, humid temperatures it so important to get plently of fluids, to remain hydrated.


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Sandy Shores REALTOR®, Melbourne/Palm Bay FL Real Estate

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I also buy, sell, rent, own and manage Investment Property.


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