The World’s Largest Cruise Ship is Coming Home to Cape Canaveral Florida

Having been working in Cape Canaveral this week helping a buyer purchase a condo, I just heard that Royal Caribbean will be bringing in the world’s largest cruise ship on May 4, 2009 and Cape Canaveral will be it’s home. 

The Freedom of the Seas will be 1100 feet long, and hold over 4300 passengers.  It will house over 1300 crew members. The ship features a skating rink, a surfing simulator machine, and a boxing ring.

Three more large ships, from various cruise lines will be built and be coming home to Brevard County Florida in the next couple of years. 
The ship that I saw this week with my buyer was a smaller ship.  It holds just over 2700 passengers and less than 900 employees.  That ship is just under 900 feet long.
I can’t wait to see the new ship coming in!
TheWorld's Largest Cruise Ship is Coming to Cape Canaveral FL

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