Should a Home Inspection Be Done On A Brand New Home?

Should a home inspection be done on a brand new homeI am currently working with a buyer that signed a contract to purchase a brand new home from a local reputable builder.  The home is complete and ready to move into.

While we were out looking at properties, new construction, as well as resale homes, we began discussing inspections.

Should a home inspection and a termite inspection be done on a brand new, never lived in home, purchased directly from the builder?  The builder is offering a full new home warranty on the property.

Obviously, it is the buyer’s decision. 

Could the builder have missed something?

Could there be improper wiring in the house? 

Could there be shoddy construction?

Are there any number of items that could be wrong, that the buyer may not be aware of?

Isn’t a home inspection for the protection of the homebuyer? 

Isn’t a home inspection an extra security net, even on a brand new home?


Home inspections are done so the new homebuyer can be made aware of problems or see potential problems, before they purchase a home. And these items can be brought to the attention of the builder, and be fixed, prior to closing.

What about a termite inspection?

The termite inspection is also for the protection of the homebuyer. Termites do hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage each year.

Remember, when hiring a home or termite inspector, be sure they are licensed, insured and reputable.  You may want to consider a certified general contractor for the job.

This article is authored by

Sandy Shores Realtor, Melbourne FL Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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