Right in our own Backyard

I feel so fortunate to live in Brevard County Florida.  As there are so many wonderful sights to see and places to visit.  Currently, I have been working with a buyer from out of the country that is hoping to purchase a condo near the beach. Fortunately for him, there are many properties to choose from, with some great prices too!

Cape Canaveral Florida

We have been touring the city of Cape Canaveral Florida and I thought he would like to take a drive just up the street, to where you can see the fishing boats and the cruise ships in port. 

Cape Canaveral Florida

We were lucky on this day to actually see a ship in dock.

Cape Canaveral Florida


Cape Canaveral Florida

We were also fortunate to see the fishing boats in port, that bring in the fresh seafood to the local markets.

Cape Canaveral Florida

We even saw some local fishermen looking for a good spot of their own to drop a line.

It was an absolutely picture perfect day. 

When I know that I am going out with customers to a beautiful location, I ask if they mind if I bring my camera with, so I can take some pictures on my own.  And, then I am able to send them reminders of where they were, when they get home.

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