Gorgeous Cape Canaveral Florida

I am currently working with an international buyer that contacted me about 4 months ago online. We have been corresponding ever since.  He’s very funny. 

Now, he is currently here in the states for 10 days to purchase a property and then he will go back to England.  We have spent several days looking at properties in Cape Canaveral Florida.

It’s funny as I talk to him, so often his comments are, ” I know, I read that in your blog online.” He has told me many times that he felt like he already knew me before he got here. He indicated that he’s been reading my blog for sometime now, from over in England. I LOVE IT! 

I wanted to share some pictures of some of the beautiful sights we have seen during his visit here.

Cape Canaveral Florida

This was taken at the Costa Del Rio Condo Complex in Cape Canaveral.  This is what you would have to look at every morning when you get up.

Cape Canaveral Florida

We got a kick out of this sign at a local pond.


World Famous Cocoa Beach Pier


No trip to Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral would be complete without a visit to the World Famous Cocoa Beach Pier.  This is where surfing contests are held and contestants come from all over the country to compete.


Cape Canaveral Florida Manatees.

We spotted about 10 of these manatees in the backyard of a Cape Canaveral Condo complex that we visited. In my 35+ years of living here, I have never seen so many manatees in one spot.

Cape Canaveral Florida Manatees

We saw alot of momma manatees with their babies.

Cape Canaveral Florida Condos

 This was the view out the balcony of one of the condos we looked at.

Cape Canaveral Florida Condos

This was the same Cape Canaveral Complex as the sun was setting.

These complexes sit on the Indian River Lagoon and are just blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.

So many great reasons to live in Cape Canaveral Florida. 

It is absolutely breathtaking!

This article is authored by

Sandy Shores Realtor, Melbourne FL Real Estate

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