Friendly Snakes in our Neighborhood

Now I’m not a big fan of snakes. but here in Florida we find small yard snakes quite often.

Florida has 4 venomous snakes, the coral snake, the cottonmouth, the Eastern Diamondback and the Pygmy Rattler.  People should stay away from these.

However, there are a number on nonvenomous snakes, including the red rat snake or the corn snake, the black racer, the indigo, the yellow snake or various types of water snakes. We consider these good snakes. Many are more afraid of you, then you are of them.  Often they stay to themselves and try to escape when a human comes near.

Yesterday, my husband and daughter found this Indigo snake in our yard. This little guy doesn’t bite. The indigo has been on the endangered list since 1979. They cannot be destroyed.

For me, I prefer to just look at them and not touch them.

Friendly Snakes in the Neighborhood


Friendly Snakes in the Neighborhood

These snakes feed on bugs, slugs, snails, spiders, chameleons like this little guy below, and some leaves.

Friendly Snakes in the Neighborhood

You can see my daughter, Sam in the background putting the friendly snake back down in the yard, so he can get on with his day.

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