Take the Positive and Move Forward


take the positive and move forward You know we’re all getting older and sometimes I feel like I’m getting busier than ever before.  Being busy is good. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and it helps measure our success.  We set our goals and then reach for the stars to rise to the occasion.

Life is such a hustle and bustle all day, everyday.  I wake up  on Monday morning and when I lie my head on the pillow it’s Friday night.  Time flies that quickly.

We run all over town taking our kids/teenagers all over the place…dance practice, play practice, spanish practice, powerlifting, to see their friends, to go to the movies. the list never ends.

But as of late, I wonder, how often do they sit down for a minute?  And breathe?

Do you ever think, how often do you sit down for a minute? And breathe?

No, I mean, really take a deep breath and look around and enjoy the day, the weather, anything?

On Tuesday we brought home the ashes of my husband’s recently deceased mother.  She will be laid to rest when my brother in law comes back to town in a couple of weeks. It was emotional at first to see the urn. But. it has been comforting as the week has progressed. We keep her close. But what really struck me is that she is finally at peace. She is resting. She was a go getter and never ever stopped. But, she was forced to slow down and even stop.

Did she get to do all the things she had hoped to do in her life? Did she say all the things to all the people that she wanted to say before she passed? We’ll never know.  We know we didn’t get to say everything to her that we had hoped to.

Her passing has brought my husband of 20 years and myself closer together.  We have begun doing more things together now.  We value and appreciate the life we have more, now. As it is so very precious.  We are making plans for the future of how we can sit back and relax and get back to the good ole family days.

The passing of a loved one can have a dramatic impact on your family, good or bad.  The feeling of loneliness will never go away.  In time, we must all take the positive and move forward.

It is our choice on how we choose to carry on. Do you deal with it or not?

You have to!



FOOTNOTE: I wrote this post thinking of my dear friends here on Active Rain, Mary Douglas and Ann Hayden, as they have lost loved ones recently.  I know both of them have been dealing with difficult times.  God bless both of them. They are both incredible people and I wouldn’t know what to do without either one of them.


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