Service with a Smile and Another Smile and Yet Another Smile…I Love it!


service with a smile and another and yet anotherI just came back from shopping at Home Depot.  This is my husband’s home away from home, his favorite store, his big toy store.  My husband lives in Home Depot, at least 6 days a week, since he’s in the remodeling business.

Well, I usually give him my list for Home Depot, because it’s easier for him to just pick up the couple of things that I occasionally need there. But, today he’s in Tampa, so I thought I would run in myself.

There were three employees standing by the door. In unison they welcomed me into the store and all of them asked if I needed any help.  For me, it’s just easier to ask where exactly what I am looking is, then I won’t get lost.  “Here let me show you, M’am,” the cordial employee responded. I love the politeness, but I hate the M’am thing – it means I’m over 40 – ugh. I tell all of my teenagers friends, please don’t call me M’am.  I know…it’s a sign of respect, but it makes me feel old.

Sorry, regressing there for a moment…anyway, the employee took me straight to the product, took it off the shelf for me and asked what else he could help me with.  I told him, and he said he would show me where it was, “that’s alright, just head me in the right direction,” I responded.

On my way to Aisle 11, there were 3 different Home Depot employees that asked me how I was, and asked if I needed help.  I love it.  I felt like a queen!  I love excellent customer service!  And customer service with a smile is the best!  Do they have to take some kind of personality test to be hired?  Because every employee I met was happy, energetic and jovial.

My red carpet took me to aisle 11 and I found the product I was looking for.  I had the 2 items I needed.  Before I left that aisle, another employee walked up to me, “What can I help you with today, little lady?”  Now, that’s more like it, I’d rather be a little lady, than a M’am.  “Well, I think I’ve got everything I need.”  “Are you sure I can’t help you with anything else?”  Now this was great! We chatted for a couple of minutes, I took him back to my product and comparison shopped it with him, and I was on my way.

On the way to the cashier one more employee approached me. “You all set for today?”  “I believe that I am.”  We chatted for a few minutes. 

As I approached the cashier, “I can help you here at the self serve check out.” “Oh now,” I joked, “my 13 year old daughter loves to be with me when I go to places with the self serve checkouts, she’s the pro.”  “Let me do this for you,” he insisted.

“You have a wonderful day, you hear?”


I walked out of Home Depot with a smile from ear to ear this morning.


I think that great customer service should be commended today, and had I am putting a call into the the manager of the store, to tell him/her about my wonderful experience!

This article is authored by

Sandy Shores Realtor, Melbourne FL Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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