Okay, It was Me, I’m Guilty, I Did It, and All the Neighbors Heard me Do it Too!


okay it was me, I'm guilty, I did itI was out showing houses on Tuesday. We were looking at gorgeous townhomes in Satellite Beach Florida. Oh, so much to choose from. On one of units I was told by the listing office that there was an alarm system on the property, and they gave me the alarm code to disengage the system.

The listing agent on this property was smart.  She had a note on top of the electronic lockbox that said, ‘You need the security code to disarm the alarm system before entering.’  Smart idea, I thought. Okay, I had been told twice that there was an alarm system that needed to be disengaged. I was ready, I had the code written down.

We got into the property and nothing, there was no light flashing on the security system and there was no beep, beep, beep, beep indicating that the system was actually engaged. Maybe it was already off. I certainly didn’t want to turn it on by accident.  (Okay, there, that was my excuse). I moved over to the keypad to take a closer look, seemed like we’d been in the house for less that 5 seconds and the siren starting screaming.  OH NO! I disengaged it within 3 siren screams.  Oh great, the knuckle head realtor set off the homeowner’s alarm system, and I was that knuckle head. Ugh.  Thankfully, this was my first time setting off a homeowner’s alarm system (and hopefully the last time).  The home phone rang immediately (the alarm company calling). 

I could see it now, police coming, ‘M’AM come out, put your hands up and feet spread apart! 

I immediately called the listing agent directly.  She told me to call 911.  911. I thought 911 was for emergencies? I did.  I told her that I was a realtor, showing a property and I set the alarm off in error. “What was the name of the street?” Could you spell that?” I did.  I will connect you to the Satellite Beach Police Department.

I looked at the mother and her 3 year old that I was showing houses to.  The 3 year old was hiding in a corner.  “What are you doing, Sarah?”  “The police are coming, so I’m hiding.”  Oh great I thought, nightmares for her for a week!

The Satellite Beach Police Department told me they would stop the officers enroute to the property.  That would be good, I thought, and save me a bit of further embarassment.  Good deal, we’re all set.  I cracked a couple of jokes with the buyer, and I talked again to the other agent who had spoken to the owner.  My buyer was terrific, she just took it in stride.  I love her!

Two minutes later, up walks 2 police officers. No guns drawn (thank goodness).   They were very polite and gracious and were gone in another 2 minutes.  Fiasco ended, thank goodness. No trip to jail (thank goodness)-LOL.

Later that day, I talked to the listing agent on the property, as she was calling for feedback. I apologized profusely for setting the alarm off.  She told me she headed out to the property shortly after we were there.  And guess what?


She laughingly said that I had jinxed her for that day.

I hung up with a chuckle and a little smile on my face.  Too funny.

This article is authored by

Sandy Shores Realtor, Melbourne FL Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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