Energy Savings Tips We Can Use


Energy saving tipsToday we are all trying to find ways to save energy anyway we can.

This Old House Magazine this month featured 50 great tips for savings.  Here are just a few:

Did you know that cutting your dryer vent shorter, saves on electricty?

Call your utility company and see if they have an on-call program where they can turn off a couple of your appliances at peak operating times. We have this feature on our appliances and have never noticed that they’ve been shut off.

Did you know that your electronics are still using energy after they have been turned off?  Plug them all into a surge protector and flip the switch off when you’re done using them.

Check with your utility company and see if they have peak and non peak rates.  If they do, adjust your schedule accordingly and wash your clothes at off peak hours.

Remember to replace your A/C filters on the first of each month. This helps your unit run more efficiently.

Did you know that a light colored roof on your home absorbs less heat than a dark colored roof? Which means it’s easier to keep the home cool in the summer.

Make sure that your electronics are set on sleep after 10 minutes of non use. Make sure that this is the hard drive as well as the computer monitor.

This article is authored by

Sandy Shores Realtor, Melbourne FL Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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