Coincidence or Just Weird Twist of Fate?


coincidence or weird twist of fate


I was recently in Wal Mart, and I ran into an across the street neighbor of a rental house that my husband and I owned for over 10 years.  The neighbor asked me if I had heard the news.

In 2005 we decided it was time to sell this rental house.  It has served it’s purpose for the time we owned it. We had one tenant in it for nearly 8 years and it had been a steady stream of income for us.  However, it was a large home, over 1600 square feet of living.  As properties values increased over the years, so did the taxes and the insurance on this home.  We decided to sell this large rental in order to use the money to purchase two much smaller houses, in the under 1000 square foot range, as we know that smaller rentals bring in more money per square foot than larger ones do.

We sold to a wonderful family that was thrilled to get the home.

As I mentioned… the neighbor asked me if I had heard the news.  She wondered if I knew that the military couple that had purchased this rental house from us had a tragedy.  She told me that the husband (only about 50 years old) had died about 3 months ago. I was shocked. I hadn’t heard this.  “Was the wife going to be able to keep the house?” I asked.  She said, “yes.”  I couldn’t believe that this terrific man had passed. 

The news was overwhelming. I always hate to hear stories of good people passing at such a young age. Previously…

In 2001, my husband and I sold our primary residence of 10 years to a great family that had rented a house from us for nearly 3 years. They were nice people and they loved their new home.  A couple of years ago, I got a call from the wife. She told me that her husband had died at 53 years old from Diabetes.  I couldn’t believe that.  I was shocked.

Now I was beginning to wonder… Just what is going on here? This was the second house of mine that I had sold, where the new owner – the husband, in each case, died a couple of years later. In both instances, I was told that both of the men had been seriously ill for an extended period of time.

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