If You’re Adventurous Enough, Hop On

My older sister Jean called me.  She and her husband are staying at a friend’s timeshare in Orlando, Florida which is about an hour from us here in Melbourne. She said that since her husband is retired military she got an incredible deal on a 5 day park hopper pass to all of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

They have visited the Epcot Center Theme Park. I love Epcot. My girls favorite ride there is Mission to Mars. if you're adventurous enough to jump on, have funThey tell you before you get on it that it’s like going up in the space shuttle.  The G – force against your body is tremendous.  Before I got on the ride I asked one of the employees if the ride spins.  The ‘nice’ employee told me to “watch the video right there M’am.”  Oh great, I just got M’amed! We couldn’t tell if the ride spun or not. The guy standing next to us had been on the ride about 20 times. He told us that it was his favorite ride. 

“No, you can’t feel it spinning at all.  It’s great!” 

Okay, after talking to about 6 people they all told me it was no big deal.  Well, I was on the ride for less than a minute and was immediately praying that the ride would be over.  They informed us that we were going to be doing a sling shot around the moon.  Oh, no, I’m going to toss my cookies for sure! Well, needless to say, the entire rest of the day my stomach was in my throat and my equilibrium was off. (Okay, I sound old, don’t I? I know, I’m a wimp!)

if you're adventurous enough to jump on, have funMy sister also said they had gone to the MGM Studios Theme Park.  My girl’s favorite ride there is the Rocking Roller Coaster.  It’s goes 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds.  The first and last time I got on that thing I’m sure that I swallowed my tongue, and never quire retrieved it until the next day!  Ugh! It was too much for me! Okay, no old jokes now!

Today my sister visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Now that’s fun. They have the raft ride and if you sit in the wrong seat on that one, you’ll be soaked from head to toe!  It was great (because I wasn’t the one that got wet!) My 16 year Stephanie was dripping wet.  She dried off halfway through the day.

Tomorrow, Jean and her husband will be going our favorite park, Disney’s Magic Kingdom.   We love riding the roller coasters; Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  Just before the park closes, as everyone is leaving my girls ride those over and over and over again.

Don’t forget, Disney Park admission is FREE if you visit one of the parks on your birthday. Bring your ID!

Now I have to admit, I’m a bit envious that Jean and Charley are off having fun at the Disney Theme Parks in Orlando. But, they’ll be here on Wednesday, so we’ll get to see them then.

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