Dear Mr. & Mrs. Seller(s) Your Home is Exactly What My Buyers are Looking for But…


dear mr. and mrs sellerDear Mr. and Mrs. Seller(s),

You have a beautiful home in an area of well maintained homes.  And, I would love to bring your listing agent an offer to purchase on your property. Your home is EXACTLY what my buyers have indicated that they are looking for…


Your dogs are cute and oh, so friendly. I know that all three of them are a part of your family, but my buyers don’t care for dogs. The wife is allergic to them. They don’t want to see your ‘dancing, singing’ poodle jumping up and down when they walk in the front door.  So, we would have appreciated it if you could have removed your pets before we came to visit.

The floor plan on your home is perfect. No wasted space, just what my buyers are looking for. But, your 20 years of furnishings and belongings have taken over.  The furniture dwarfs the rooms and the buyers can’t get a “feel” of just how spacious your home really is.

And, those exquisite paintings in the main living areas of the home are phenomenal.  Someone in your home is indeed a top notch artist.  But, we can’t see the walls.  We feel like we are walking through a museum.

Your children’s rooms are adorable. A life size Winnie the Pooh on the wall in one room and a 6 ft Barney the Dinosaur in the other room are so cute! Your kids must love it here!  But, the buyers are older and have no children.  They know that those rooms, in addition to the lime green room with purple curtains, are just adding to the list of things they must do before they can move into your home.

Your brand new carpeting is gorgeous.  It shows off your blue couches perfectly. We know that you spent extra money to get the highest quality carpeting, but my buyers want a home with all wood floors.  So, within the first three months, the new carpeting will have to go.

Thank you for spending your time telling us how much you love your home. It was nice to meet your whole family. But, now my buyers feel like it is truly YOUR home and they felt a bit uncomfortable.

My buyers are looking for a deal!  Their main concern is that they don’t overpay for a home in your area, based on comparable sales. It doesn’t really make any difference to them what you paid for the home or what you owe.

So thank you Mr./Mrs. Seller(s) for allowing us to see your property today. We must get going. We have 20 more homes to look at, in your area, just like yours, in the next three days.



Sandy Shores, Realtor

FOOTNOTE: This article is written as a combination of some of the many different scenarios we can and have seen over the years in showing houses for sale.

This article is authored by

Sandy Shores Realtor, Melbourne FL Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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