As Laura Asked, Are We Getting Legitimate Feedback?

I just finished reading Laura Jefferson’s post about an agent that recently showed one of her listings. Laura indicated that when she called the other agent for feedback the response was that the buyer was allergic to cats.  Well, the question was, Why had the buyer’s agent not asked FIRST, before showing the property whether there were cats on the property?  Was the response that came from this agent legitimate?  I think not.

Well, the post struck a cord with me, as I was just in a similar situation.  I have a home listed for sale.  I have pictures in MLS of the living room, dining room, family room and master bedroom.  All of these rooms have carpeting on the floors and the pictures in the MLS show the carpeting.

I called the other agent for feedback on the property and the response I got was, “The buyer wants a home with wood floors throughout.”

Hmmmm, now what did I miss here?

Okay, well she can put wood floors in.  No, she said. She wants them already there. Well, perhaps then, she should have shown a house with all wood floors??  And was that just a nice way to say, “no thank you?” 

Tell me the real reason the buyer didn’t like the house.

This article is authored by

Sandy Shores Realtor, Melbourne FL Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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