Flu Season is Here and It Seems to be Touching Everyone


flu season is hereI just read in the newspaper that flu season is coming late this year. Well, it’s here and my daughter’s got it.  For the past month we have talked to dozens and dozens of people that have been sick or have a family member that has been sick for weeks.

In my house the flu started last month with my 13 year old feeling tired and lazy. At first I thought it was just because she was rundown.  Then, the next day she didn’t want to get out of bed and said her head and throat were killing her. She didn’t have a fever and SHE insisted on trying to go to school, because she didn’t want to break her record of perfect attendance since kindergarten.  She called me in the middle of day to bring her home. I knew she wasn’t feeling well, because she never gets sick. In a week she was back to normal.

Last week, my 16 year old, Stephanie called me to pick her up from school.  She felt rundown and lousy, she said. When I went to check her out, the attendance lady told me that 80 kids were out that day! Now that’s 80 out of 900 students! That’s nearly 10% of the kids.  After a couple of days she seemed to be back to normal. 

Then yesterday, I picked Stephanie up from the bus stop. She looked terrible. She was fire engine red, burning up. I took her temperature – 102.8.  We filled her with fluids, she took a cool bath and we wrapped her in heavy blankets and brought the fever down to 99.0 this morning. She looked exhausted, so she spent today in bed. She had been feeling better. I went out on a appointment, came back, took her temperature and it’s spiked to 102.5.  So, we are back to fluids, a cold bath and heavy blankets.  We’ll keep a close eye on her until we can get that fever back down to normal and keep it there.

I haven’t been sick in years and will take every precaution to be certain that I don’t catch the flu going around this season.  There’s just no time to be sick!



This article is authored by

Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL Realtor

Brevard County Real Estate & Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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