Google Street Views – Great for Out of Town Buyers

Google MapsThis might be information that many of you already know about. But, I have spoken with 3 potential out of town buyers, this week that had never tried it before.  2 called me back and told me that they LOVED IT!   I’m surprised at people that haven’t heard about it before! To me, it’s incredible, especially for out of the area or international buyers looking to move to your city.

GOOGLE STREET VIEWS.  Just click on the link, you can either click on the map itself to get an overview of a particular city or county,  or you can type in a specific street address.  Once you do, click on street view. It will take you to the street right in front of the property you inquired about!*  I love it! Click the arrows on the street and you can head whichever way you like down the street!  It’s great.

If you’ve never tried Google Maps and used Google Street Views, try it!

*It’s my understanding that Google has been working on these maps, and in some cases, the maps have not yet been completed, especially for desolate areas.


This article is authored by

Sandy Shores, Brevard County Real Estate

Brevard County Real Estate Investing

Palm Bay Florida Real Estate News


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