What’s the First Thing you See in the Picture, The People or the Houses?


What's the first thing you see, the people or the houses?


My friend sent me this picture yesterday.  And, it immediately struck me.

What’s the first thing you see in the picture?

The people or the houses…and lots of them? 

At the peak of the real estate market in 2004-2005 houses were selling like hotcakes for over inflated prices. 

The numbers of new realtors in the business double and tripled in many areas. 

The number of mortgage companies multipled. 

The number of appraisers increased.

The number of people that became real estate investors, overnight, grew immensely. 

It became a market, where for many, it was all about the money.  No one group can be held responsible for the financial hardship our country has been facing.

So many just wanted “a piece of the pie”.

Were people’s best interests put first? 

Did people consider their own best interests?

Was it all about the houses back then and the money? 

Perhaps, some should have stopped, and looked, real hard, to see the people first, and not the houses!


This article is authored by

Sandy Shores, Brevard County Real Estate

Melbourne Florida Real Estate News


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