Do You Believe in Miracles?

Hopefully, the near tragic event of Flight 1549  will change all of our lives and perceptions. And, remind us that life is precious.  We must embrace all that it has to offer.

The crew of flight 1549 miraculously brought the plane down safely into the icy Hudson River, with no fatalites and no life threatening injuries. Our hearts and prayers go out to the woman whose legs were broken.

US Airways Flight 1549 an A320 Airbus took off out of LaGuardia Airport and headed towards Charlotte NC. A minute after takeoff the Captain reported, “a double bird strike.” The airliner flew into a flock of birds.  The plane headed down.

Was it fate that Captain Sullenberger was the pilot of THAT plane on THAT day? News reports indicated that highly experienced, US Airways 29 year Veteran, Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III manuevered that disabled plane over land, around skyscrapers, around marine vessels in 20 degree weather. And, safely landed into the icy waters of the Hudson River. 

All the passengers survived! It was nothing short of a miracle!

The pilot eased the tail down first. Had he miscalculated and brought the nose down first, reports indicate that the plane would likely have been ripped into pieces. Passengers were out of the plane inside of 20 minutes.

Would the outcome have been different had Captain “Sully” not been the navigator of this airliner? 

Do You Believe In Miracles

Is this a sign to all of us?

A bright sign of hope, a sign of faith, a sign of fate?

After the turbulent times our country has been facing over the last couple of years, 2009 provides us with a fresh start, a new outlook, a new government. Could it be a sign of positive things to come?  For every one of us?

Is this a reminder that miracles do happen?   

Is there something bigger at work here, than all of us?

Will the passengers on board flight 1549 treasure their lives more now, than before the day of this near tragic event?  Will they hug their husbands, wives and babies tighter than before? 

  We must embrace all that our lives have to offer, because our time here is so short and precious.



This article is authored by Sandy Shores, Brevard County Real Estate

Melbourne Florida Real Estate News


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