Attitude is Everything…if You Say You Can, Then you Can!

On Friday night we attended the Varsity boys basketball game at West Shore Junior/Senior High School.  Wildcats were playing the War Eagles.  This was truly a night to be remembered! West Shore played with all their hearts, as if it were the last game they would ever play.

The West Shore Wildcats were phenomenal. They played their hearts out.  It was like watching a fine oiled machine.  The teamwork was to be commended.  Every player pulled their weight.  They successfully executed many layup shots, coming up the center of the court, between the other team’s players to make some absolutely beautiful shots, right up, under the basket.

It was standing room only!

The crowd was electrified! 

The excitement was infectious! 

We were cheering our hearts out!

I felt privileged to be a party to such a supportive, positive, upbeat community event! 

Everyone we knew was there!  We felt a sense of true living and belonging!

The other team fought a hard fight.  They played well.

But this night, West Shore Varsity boys had it all figured out, great offense, great defense. I have never seen anything like it!  The crowd cheered them on to a 70-46 point victory!

Every West Shore Wildcat Varsity boys basketball player walked onto that court with an ‘I can do it attitude’! 

And they did just that!

We’re watching these young boys grow, mature and learn before our very eyes! WOW!

As the final scores were announced, a player on the West Shore Wildcat Junior Varsity team walked past us. 

The back of his shirt read

“If you want to achieve things you never have…

You have to do things you’ve never done!”

attitude is everything

I think we can all learn a lesson here from these phenomenal ball players.

Congratulations to the Boys Varisty West Shore Wildcat Players!

Sandy Shores Melbourne FL Realtor

This article is authored by Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL Realtor, Brevard County Florida’s Space Coast.


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