The Keen, Smart Salesman was Nonjudgemental…People are Just People!


judging a person by their appearanceI remember a story here locally about a small, frail haggard looking man.  He was poorly dressed, he hadn’t showered in many days and his hair was unkempt. 

He was the person that you might find yourself stepping to the other side of the road if he were coming towards you.

You may move away from him in a grocery store line. 

In looking at him you may find his appearance distasteful and pathetic.

One day this kind, gentle, smelly man headed out to buy a brand new car.  He knew exactly the type of car he intended to purchase. He stepped foot into one car dealership after another, with a wrinkled old sack in his dirty jacket. Each time he approached a salesmen he was shooed off the lot, as a transient, a vagrant, a menace, a pest.

Until one day he stepped foot onto a special car lot.  A keen, sharp salesman spotted this bedraggled, ripe old man and immediately stepped up to cheerily help him,  “And what can I do for you today?”

“Well, I’d like to buy a car and I know exactly what I want.”

“Well, step right this way and let’s see if I can’t help you out with that today.”

The rumpled man walked right over to the car of his choice, put his hand on it and said, “I’ll take this one now.

The salesman wanted him to take a test drive.  “I don’t need a test drive, I want this car, right here, today.”

The kind, unkempt man reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out his torn, rumpled brown sack and handed it to the salesman.  Here, I’m paying cash.  The treasure he was carrying was hidden in the wrinkled old lunch sack tainted with grease stains.

The kind, gentle, patient old fellow paid cash for the full purchase of his brand new car and drove off the lot that day. 

The keen, sharp salesman smiled as he watched the wrinkled man proudly drive away in his new vehicle. This was the easiest, quickest sale he had ever had in his 7 year career as a salesman.

The salesman had a gift, the gift of acceptance.  He was accomodating and nonjudgemental.  He treated people as if everyone was the same. This salesman would continue on to make alot of money in years to come because he was true and geniune.

This is a true story that happened here locally in Brevard County Florida, some years ago.  And it has always stayed with me.

Often times we are so quick to judge people by their appearance, their clothes, their shoes, their cleaniness.  But remember, people are all just people.

Sandy Shores Melbourne FL Realtor

This article is authored by Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL REALTOR.

South Brevard County, Florida Space Coast.


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