Should You Rent to Tenants with Pets?


Landlords - Do you Allow Pets in Your Rentals

As a landlord or property manager, do you allow pets in your rentals?  For me, the answer to this question  depends on the rental and the type of pet.  Over 3/4 of my current tenants have a dog or cat.  Personally, I prefer dogs to cats.  But, I allow pets on a case by case basis.  I typically charge a pet fee of at least $150 to $200, upon signing of the lease, depending on the pet. This is a fee, and NOT a deposit.  It is not money they get back at the end of the lease term. And, I have them initial off on this when they sign.

I do not allow specific breeds of dogs, as my insurance company has a list of what they consider to be ‘dangerous dogs’.  They can cancel my insurance if they find I am renting to tenants that have these particular breeds of dogs. Some of the breeds included on the list are rottweilers, chows, pitt bulls, german shepherds and dobermans.  I don’t make up the list, it is determined by the insurance companies.

In 13 years I have had one instance of a dog doing damage to a property.  The dog chewed the door frame and scratched the door.  In several instances I have had tenants with cats that have ‘sprayed’ the walls and the floors.  It is nearly impossible to get rid of the smell. And tenants can easily ‘sneak’ a cat in, and it may take a couple of months for the landlord to catch on.

So, as a landlord or property owner or manager do you rent to tenants with pets?


Pictured is my pet, Bailey the Boxer

Sandy Shores Melbourne FL Realtor

This article is authored by Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL REALTOR.

South Brevard County, Florida Space Coast.


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