Is It My Imagination or Did I Fall off the Do Not Call Registry List?


do not call registryThe last I heard it was an $11,000 fine to call a phone number that was listed on the National Do Not Call List.  I have been on the list since it started. And, for the most part I really haven’t been bothered by telemarketers. It’s really never been a problem at all, until October of this year…just before the Presidential election.  Then, the calls started flooding my home.  Hmmm,,, I thought, very peculiar.  I probably got about 5 a week. 

So, I checked my registration at the Do not Call website and confirmed that my information and phone numbers were in fact still registered.  The information indicated that a registration does not expire.

The calls continued to flow in, even after the election.  Each new call I received, I told the solicitor to please not call me any longer as I was on the Do Not Call Registry.  So, I reregistered.  I know that it takes 31 days for the telemarketers to take you off their lists.

I waited my 31 days, and STILL I am receiving sales calls, from all different types of places.  I verified my registration and I am in fact registered. 

I just don’t get it.

Why am I receiving telemarketing calls when I am on the National Do Not Call Registry?

Has anyone else had this problem before?

Sandy Shores Melbourne FL Realtor

This article is authored by Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL REALTOR.

South Brevard County, Florida Space Coast.


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