The Majority of Expireds Relist Within 30 Days


Expired listings


According to a recent study, nearly 64% of homeowners relist their homes for sale with another real estate company within 30 days, after they have expired.

We are hearing that sellers that have homes that have not sold the first time on the market, are upset, disgruntled and often times, downright angry. Some are even looking for a scapegoat to blame it on!

So, the best advice for realtors when speaking to the owner of an expired listing is to LISTEN!  Let them speak first. Do not interrupt.  Let them let off some steam. They often have a load on their mind. They are angry at their lender, their Realtor, the market and some are just frustrated with the economy.  It is understandable for them to be upset.

According to the Realtor Conference and Convention expireds are often looking for agent that is completely different than the last agent they worked with.

Sandy Shores Melbourne FL RealtorThis article is authored by Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL REALTOR.

South Brevard County, Florida Space Coast.



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