Brochure Boxes Outside Homes For Sale – Do They Keep Buyers From Seeing the Inside of A Property?

Information TubesI once read an article that indicated that 50% of buyers call an agent from the for sale sign in the yard. Are those stats still correct today? So, are you using brochure boxes/home information tubes outside of your listings? Some of those calls are going to the clients buyer’s agent.

Does it depend on the listing? The area? The price range?

As a SELLER, would you like to see your agent use them?

Over the years I have heard varying views on this question.  

I. personally, do not use home information tubes outside of my listings. I do not care for them.  

I have found myself at the kitchen table with many sellers on their expired listings. In my listing presentation I have a section which addresses outside flyers.  I don’t use home information tubes as I don’t want a sheet of paper standing between a prospective buyer and the front door of one of my listings. 

When buyers begin looking at homes, their first job is to RULE OUT out those homes that do not suit their criteria.  When they are driving through neighborhoods and they are pulling flyers, typically they are not with a REALTOR. So, some are making a decision on a home based on information on a sheet of paper. 

What if the flyer is ugly? What if you the interior shots of the property are poor?

What if the flyer is poorly written? What if the buyers doesn’t find all the info they need on the flyer?

What if they don’t want a home with 3 bedrooms? But, a 4 bedroom?

They are going to rule out this home, and may not consider it as a home that should be on their “to see” list. 

There’s a reason they’re driving through this neighborhood.  They have typically determined that they like it here, they want to live in this area. 


Agents should want to TALK TO THESE PEOPLE ON THE PHONE!  We don’t want them to drive away without ever looking at the inside of the home, based on something they read or didn’t read on a flyer!

What percentage of homes sell without the buyer ever stepping foot inside it? I would guess, less than 1%.


      How many houses have you driven by that have empty home information tubes or brochure boxes?

A recent seller, on his expired listing, told me that he loved his home information tube outside.   He told me that in the first two weeks of his prior listing 35 flyers were taken. 

I asked, “During that period of two weeks, how many calls did your REALTOR receive on the home? How many showings did you have?”

“Well, I don’t know.  I don’t think she got any calls and there were no showings,” he replied.

I continued, “You had 35 people interested enough to drive down your street and stop in front of your home to pull one of your flyers. And, your REALTOR didn’t get a single phone call during that period of time? So, that means that your agent lost the opportunity to talk to 35 people about your home! And, some client’s buyers agent did not get the opportunity to talk to them about your home, either.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that 10 of the 35 flyers pulled could have been taken by neighbors. Some are trying to find out how much their home is worth, But, who better to help you sell a home than someone that lives in the neighborhood?

I do agree, that home information tubes are able to weed out people that aren’t in price range of this particular listing. But from a REALTOR standpoint, what about other listings?

But, after viewing the inside of a home, how many times have you heard a buyer say, ‘Oh this house looks so different than the picture? Oh, I didn’t know there was a bonus room, that would make a perfect 4 bedroom.  Those room sizes sounded so small on the listing, but look how roomy it feels.’  I could go on forever…

I repeat, Buyers make a decision to purchase a home after looking at the inside. Buyers are “HOT” when they are standing inside a listing. 

However, if an agent is going to use a brochure box, they must always make sure you have plenty of home brochures/flyers on the kitchen counter, so prospective buyers can take one with them.  Include financing options sheets. also.

 Remember, if you’re going to use them be sure to always keep them full!

So, as a REALTOR do you use home information tubes or brochure boxes outside of your listings?  Why or why not?

As a seller, would you like to see your REALTOR use a home information tube outside your home?


Sandy Shores Melbourne FL RealtorThis article is authored by Sandy Shores, Melbourne FL REALTOR.

It is the exclusive property of, and may not be used without the written permission of Sandy Shores, Brevard County, Florida Space Coast. All information is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted. Copyright 2008.


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