Gas Prices Have Been Going Down, Down, Down…

I have been following gas prices here in Melbourne Florida for sometime now.


Here’s what I found yesterday, November 3, 2008>

Gas Prices Going Down, Down, Down

I was so tickled the other day, because I was able to fill up my van for just under $45.00. 

It cost nearly $70.00 for a fill up back when prices were over $3.50 a gallon.



Here are the prices at the same station on October 26, 2008>

Gas Prices Going Down, Down, Down


And here are prices over on the beachside in Melbourne Beach Florida on October 17, 2008>

Gas Prices Going Down, Down, Down

I hope that gasoline continues on the downward trend.

  I know that in some parts of the Midwest some are boasting prices below $2.00 a gallon. 

Now, I’ll admit, I can’t wait to see prices around here in Brevard County Florida drop that much.

Does this drastic reduction in prices sound familiar? 

How about the tech stock market bubble which burst?

Then, the real estate bubble which burst?

Now, here we are with the oil bubble which is bursting. 

See a pattern here?

We saw it coming. The big oil companies could not continue gouging the consumer in tough economic times, times of recession, with the threat of a depression coming. Thus, consumer consumption has dropped off…

and you know the rest of the story…

How much are you paying for gas in your part of the country?



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