Today’s Technology – How Did We Get Here?

   In the mornings I wake up, grab my cup of tea and check my office messages, my home messages, my voice mail, my fax machine, my text messages, my e mail and my instant messages. I check for comments on the 3 blogs that I write, and then I proceed on to the REALTOR Social Networking Sites that I am a member of.  

how did we get hereAnd I wonder, HOW DID WE GET HERE?

  Now, I’m probably dating myself here, but as a kid we didn’t have computers. We didn’t have cell phones, or CD’s or DVD’s or portable DVD players, or I pods, or I phones, or all the new fangled gadgets we have today.

I remember old fashioned, plug in the wall cord telephones, and no answering machines. If you weren’t home when the phone rang, then you just weren’t home!

We had 8 track and cassette tapes that we played in our tape and cassette players.  I used to collect 33 rpm and 45 rpm records to play on our record players. (I still have some up in my attic.) I do remember as I got older getting a big bulky walkman that I could use outside.  I thought it was really cool.

   “Wow, Mom, how did you survive without a cell phone and computer?” my younger daughter, Sam asked.  “That must have been terrible!”

Hmmm. “No, actually we didn’t know the difference.  Back then it was a how did we get heremore peaceful, quieter time, I responded. 

“So, without cell phones and computers that means you didn’t have voice mail, or text messaging, or instant messaging or e mail?”

I smiled, “that’s right.”

how did we get here“Oh, my gosh, how did you keep in touch with your friends?” she was baffled. 

That’s funny, I thought, I don’t ever remember it being a problem. “I actually got to see my friends. I saw them in school everyday, and then we played outside after school, unlike you guys do today.”

“Oh, I would hate growing in your day,” Sam responded, as she walked away with a perplexed look on her face.  I just smiled.   

     I love what I do for a living, but sometimes,  just for a split second, how did we get hereI long for the simpler times… then I am snapped back into reality by the sound of my cell phone ringing and my email notification indicator beeping. Sorry, I’ve got to run…


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