Danger – Rip Currents

We are seeing some beautiful Fall weather here in Brevard County Florida. The gentle breezes are blowing and their is little humidity in the area. But the wind is wreaking havoc with the Atlantic Ocean.  Surfers love it!  The waves have been larger than normal.  It is not the time to be swimming, still, there are those die hard beach enthusiasts that can’t get enough of our beautfiul coastline here in Melbourne Beach Florida.

This is the time to be reminded of how dangerous the rip currents can be out in the ocean.  A rip current can pull you under, and most people typically panic when they get caught in one. Panicing can drown you!  It is important to remember, should you get caught in a rip current, don’t fight the current, allow it to pull you along.  Swim parallel to the shoreline. If you can’t swim then float or tread water. Wait until it weakens, then you will be able to swim to shore. This information can save your life!

Danger - rip currents


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