Homes for Sale – Easy to Show – Are You Kidding?


Motivated Sellers! Easy to show! See it today!

Bring an offer!  Owners are Anxious!  Can close in 30 days! 

Move right in! Don’t miss this one!  Vacant!


Homes for sale, easy to show

I have been working with out of town buyers in trying to help them find a home that suits both their wants and needs. They have been looking at homes for the past 3 days. We have probably seen over 20 properties.  And, some have been absolutely gorgeous!

My customers have very limited time, as they will be leaving to go back home in the next day or so.

My biggest hurdle in their home purchase, so far, is in being able to get access to homes in the MLS to get in and show them.

Now, the last time I checked, here in Brevard County we were in full blown buyers market.  There are currently an overabundance of homes available for sale.  As the buyer is considering a purchase in the $500,000 price range some of the properties being considered have been on the market for over a year and more!

We have seen homes with market times of 711 days, 202 days, 1215 days, 367 days, 431 days, 549 days, 611 days, and one has been on the market for over 2300 days! Need I go on?

And some of the prices have been reduced by over $100,000. 

Unfortunately, the market in the past several years has been declining and I understand that sellers have been trying to adjust to that market decline.  Some are chasing the market.  And, some have their hands tied, because they owe more than they’re worth – so they are short selling them.

So, my thought is that sellers and listing agents should be doing cart wheels to get a buyer in to look at their home!

Most have been more than accomodating to our wishes.  However, about 1/4 have been a bit challenging in setting up showing appointments.

In requesting showings, I have gotten responses from listing office and agents ranging from:

‘Could you do it 2 days from now?  Today, really isn’t a good day.’

‘Oh, you want to show the house at 11:00?  You know 6:00 tomorrow would work out much better for me, could you do it then?’

‘My seller’s house is really dirty right now, could you make it sometime next week?’

‘No, tomorrow between 10:00 – 12:00 isn’t going to work.  You have to be there between 5:15 and 5:30.’ (For me, showing an out of towner a new area that spans for 20+ miles, with a 3 day time frame, it would be impossible to guarantee a 15 minute window of time.  Heck, I could be in another city during that time frame!)

I called the listing agent’s office and was told that I needed to contact the list agent. I’ve had 3  agents that NEVER EVEN RETURNED MY PHONE CALL (after talking to their offices twice and leaving 2-3 messages for them). So, we never got in to see those 3 homes.

‘I really don’t know what the showing instructions are, it’s probably an electronic lockbox -just go out there, knock and see what happens.  It could be a combo lockbox though. But I don’t know what the code would be.’  I questioned this and ask for more info. No, I can’t really say, just go and see if you can get in.  I asked if they could call the list agent -no she isn’t available on weekends!

‘I haven’t been able to reach the owner, so just knock first and use the lockbox. And by the way, be careful for the big dog in the house!’  —-ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? NO THANK YOU!

‘No, it requires 24 hour notice.’   I called 16 hours in advance and was told no. The buyer wasn’t sure he wanted to be bothered with this and we didn’t know where we would be or where our schedule would take us in 24 hours. Sometimes with out of town buyers we don’t have 24 hours to give them in advance notice. Then I called 18 hours in advance ‘no, I told you 24 hour notice!’ This time I called with 28 hours notice, ‘Yes, that time would be perfect.’ So, I set up all my other appointments around that one.  Then got a call back. ‘The owner has changed their mind, could you do it 3 hours later?’ (WHAT????? BY THIS TIME I’M ABOUT READY FOR A RUBBER ROOM!)  “I would have to meet you there, the sellers don’t want anyone stealing anything out of the house!!” 


Maybe it’s just me.  Silly, but I think that if a house is in the Multiple Listing Service for sale, then I should be able to get my buyers in to see it.  And, I do understand, there are times that are not convenient for a seller. But, come on, let’s be somewhat accomodating.

My thought is, if this seller is this unaccomodating at this early in the game, then how will the buyer ever be able to make an offer that they will accept?’

Maybe that’s why some of these homes have been on the market for over a year!


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