Help I Need More Hands While Showing Houses!


I love taking buyers out and showing them homes; helping them find a home that suits both their wants and their needs.

However to me it’s a juggling act.

I need about 4 more hands to hold all of the things that I need to have with me when I walk inside to show a home. 

Now, I know there are many REALTORS out there that are in the same boat that I’m in. If I wear clothes without the right amount of pockets that day, boy I’m really in big trouble then.

As REALTORS we have to carry:

I need more pockets while showing houses
I need more pockets while showing houses

our car keys

our lockbox key

our cell phone

a copy of the listing

a pen and piece of paper to take notes -this one is optional, but very handy

one of our business cards to let the owner know we showed the home

While we have all these things in our hands we have to type the code into the lockbox, or enter the combination into the combo lockbox, to open it.  Sometimes it is hanging on a water spigot, 2 feet from the ground in 3 feet of wet grass!

Now, mind you, I’m not complaining…I just know there must be a better way to juggle all of these items while going in to show a home.

Once we get the key out of the lockbox, then we have to have a free hand to unlock the door.  Sometimes the key only fits a door around the back of the house.  Last week I went to show a vacant house and a tiny notation at the bottom of the listing indicated that the key in the lockbox on the front door only fit the back french doors.  Oh no, I thought!  The yard was full of muddy water and the grass hadn’t been cut in at least 6 months!  It was up to my waist.  How’s that going to work, I thought?

When I was done I had hitchhikers all over my pants, bites on my feet and mud oozing between my toes.  It was gross!

Now, I don’t mind getting dirty. But, I like to know ahead of time when I should bring my knee high goulashes to trudge through the muck. And I don’t want to walk the dirt into someone else’s home!

When we open the lockbox, we have to hang on to the insides of the lockbox and the key for the house.

To me, sometimes it can be a real juggling act. Now, if I had those extra hands, then it would be no problem at all.

Now I know it sounds like I’m whining…and that’s really not my nature. I just know there must be a better way….Hmmm…let me think…perhaps pants with 6 or more pockets in them, a little portfolio bag to throw over my shoulder, maybe even a little red wagon…ANYONE have a better idea?

I just wish someone would come up with an idea to help us REALTORS carry all of our items a bit more effortlessly.


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