When Was the Last Time you Reviewed Your Homeowners Policy?

Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners Insurance

Here in Brevard County Florida we all know that we are currently in the midst of Tropical Storm Season. 

So, my question to you is, when was the last time you reviewed your insurance policy?

What about REALTORS and Lenders, when was the last time your previous customers reviewed theirs? Do you know?

When was the last time you contacted your insurance agent to discuss your policy?

I have had homeowners tell me that they haven’t spoken to their insurance agent in over ten years, nor have they updated their coverage! I am shocked and I tell them so!

When was the last time you contacted your insurance agent to discuss your policy?

Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners Insurance

Do you know what it covers?

Do you have enough coverage on your home?

Does your policy cover flooding?

Do you have a separate flood policy?

What does that policy cover?

Does your policy cover mold and mildew?

Does your current insurance policy adequately cover the belongings in your home? 

Perhaps it is time to contact your insurance agent and discuss your policy to understand completely what it covers.

I talk to my insurance agent numerous times a year.  Perhaps that is because we own rental homes and I am always checking on coverages and deductibles.  I am always checking to be sure that we have everything we need in case of any kind of loss.

If you don’t talk to your insurance agent at least once a year, than you are not talking to him/her often enough. Make it a point to call them every year when you receive your annual renewal notice.

With so many changes that have taken place here in Brevard County Florida it is imperative to understand the dynamics of your policy.  Often times we wait until after a storm, and often times, then, it is too late!

Do your homework.  Call your insurance agent today!

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