Tropical Storm Fay is Here

Tropical Storm Fay is Here
Tropical Storm Fay is Here

Tropical Storm Fay is officially here in Melbourne Florida. 

Brevard County Schools are closed today and tomorrow. And the first day of school was yesterday.


My husband just got off the neighbor’s roof in 30 mile per hour wind gusts in the driving rain. His roof is leaking around his chimney and saturating his ceiling.  So, they tarped it to try and keep the rain out.

We helped another neighbor pump the extra water out of his side yard and off of his pool deck to keep it out of his house.

We just finished getting sand bags for our dear 85 year neighbor, Violet, next door because she is concerned that the rain is coming too close to her front door. Our other neighbor just raced in between raindrops to get more sandbags.

Tropical Storm Fay is here
Tropical Storm Fay is here

Our swimming pool looks like a swamp.  We have been sweeping all of the excess water on the pool deck into the pool, and the pool pump is taking the water to the street. 

One of our tenants just called and said that she has water coming the floor of her den and one of her bedrooms. My husband headed over to try and help them clean it up.

We just got word that Fay has a well defined eye and flooding will be a concern. The eye has not reached Melbourne yet, it is 69 miles south of Orlando. We have had 5 to 7 inches of rain already and they are indicating we will probably have the same amount on it’s way. It will be a very long night. 4600 people in Brevard are without power and there are downed power poles.

Tropical Storm Fay is here
Tropical Storm Fay is here

We will brace ourselves for the worst. 

We just heard that a tornado touched down in Barefoot Bay and damaged 51 homes.  In situations like this tornadoes are always our greatest fear and the feeder bands of rain that follow a storm often times cause a lot of damage. 

Oh boy, gotta go…the wind is picking up again and the rain is coming down in bucket fulls!

The lights are flickering!

Is anyone else here in Florida feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Fay? 

We hear that tomorrow she will be growing into a hurricane as it exits into the ocean, before it makes landfall a second time here in Florida!


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