RAW United Powerlifting Competition June 28 – 30, 2008

Sam Shores 3 time World Record Holder, RAW United Powerlifting Competition

Shores competed in the 100% RAW Powerlifting

On June 28-30 the RAW United Inc National Championships and Florida States Powerlifting Competition will be held at West Shore Junior Senior High School Gymnasium in Melbourne Florida.

In March 2008, High School & Nationals Competition were held at West Shore. Lifters from around the country congregate, ages 10 to 74 years old! They compete in squats, push pull dead lift, bench press and overall total combined score. These athletes are absolutely phenomenal! The support and enthusiasm for other lifters is infectious! The older, more experienced lifters are honored to see 10 year old girls and boys out there attempting to push as much weight as their bodies can bear. I suppose, they remember where they got their start.

Well, I have to say there were many records that broken and surpassed over the weekend, both state and world records! 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation has some unbelievable lifters!

Sam started lifting in July 2007, starting in the 7th grade. Sam has the most phenomenal coach, Spero Tshontikidis! The man is the most dedicated, hard working coach I have ever met! He trains lifters of all ages and competes himself. He is the West Shore Junior Senior High School Wildcat Powerlifting coach. His devotion to the students is to be highly commended. He is one of the most decent human beings I have ever met.

There were many records set at the meet. Sam beat 3 of her own world records. She hit 145 lbs in squats, 200 lbs in dead lift and she beat her overall score with a combined total, squats, bench press and dead lift of 400 lbs!

If you have never been to one of these meets, come to the upcoming meet June 28-June 30 being held at West Shore Junior Senior High School Gymnasium. Lifters from across the country compete. You will find some of the nicest, most spiritual, hardest working people you’ll ever meet!


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